Camping Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico

So back tracking quite a lot to a seemingly different universe and time. In reality it was only 4 months ago that we left Baja California to hack across the 2500kms of Mexico to meet up with Sas’s brother and sister in Tulum. The journey from La Paz to Mazatlan by ferry was fun, tinged with a little sadness at … Read More

Ferry Crossing From La Paz, Baja to Mazatlan, Mexico

Backtracking slightly, a little information for anyone crossing from La Paz in Baja to Mazatlan or vice versa. La Paz is a great coastal town near the bottom of Baja, Mexico which we stayed in for a few days whilst trying to sort out the best (and cheapest) way to cross over to the mainland of Mexico. The Malecon is … Read More

Camping at Mulege, Baja – Heurta Don Chanos

When we all travel or go on holiday, to a lesser or greater extent, there is always research, either before we leave or when we arrive or whilst travelling to new places; it’s inevitable. In these days of internet, social media and even newspaper travel supplements it is often a case of information overoad and ending up at a place … Read More

Baha Bugs and Desert Fun

There are many many ways to ‘get off the beaten track’ from taking an unsignposted road or track, to a random conversation with a fellow traveller which leads to an unexpected turn of direction (metaphorically or physically, or both). The route to Bahia de los Angeles itself was fairly unplanned. Recommended by many along the way from Ensenada south but … Read More

What Does a Day’s Driving Look Like from Hanna’s Perspective?

So some of you may have picked up on the fact that we have a dashcam fitted in the windscreen. It was a thing I wanted to experiment with and wasn’t really sure what would come out of it. So the first (and perhaps most obvious) aspect of it that needed (needs) solving; is what does one do with so … Read More

Hanna Below the Sea

It’s been a while – Sas explained why – so we are now in a warmer and significantly quieter place – Death Valley, CA. The ups and the downs (literally and figuratively) of driving through such a diverse landscape are fading in to a warmer glow of memory, the nights of freezing head and warm body fade also as the … Read More

Icefields Parkway, Waterfalls, Glaciers and Mountains

That’s a big title – one that I probably wont adequately fulfil – but there is a road from a place called Jasper to a place called Banff called the Highway 93 – luckily some bright spark re-named it the Icefields Parkway and that is much easier to write about. So Jasper and Banff are Canadian national parks – Banff … Read More

Niagara Falls – Some Photos for Now; With More to Follow ….

So before it fades a little here are some of the photos we took at the amazing Niagara Falls. There are many places to read about this incredible location, on and off the net, and we will add some (well choosen?) words to that library very soon but for now here are some images to keep you interested: More soon … Read More

Walmart Hopping – Crossing Canada Out of Season

There are many places to enjoy and while away your time in Canada – beautiful, stunning and breath-taking but with a motorhome you need some basics at the end of the day (or every few days). Namely – water, a dump station and a place to sleep where you won’t get a knock on the door at 2am telling you … Read More

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