Driving Insurance for a European Motorhome in Canada and the USA

Shipping your own motorhome to Canada or the States is in itself a small piece of the puzzle to doing something like this (see my post on shipping your motorhome) but unless you have desire to drive through the most litigious country on earth without some form of insurance you will need to address the issue of driving insurance. We … Read More

Absorbtion Refrigeration Sensei – David Fraser – Day Spring, Bridgewater, NS – The Master!

So in Halifax we are, and at an RV park for the first time, it’s an unexpected 29 degrees outside which is a lovely surprise. The van’s mechanics may have issues but at least the habitation equipment has been checked out and is all working …. isn’t it? The only time we tried to rely on the fridge, water heater, … Read More

European Motorhome Repair Guru – Gary Murphy – Dartmouth NS – Look No Further

Setting out for a long RV/motorhome road trip is many things; exciting, daunting, stressful, invigorating …. amongst many other equally apt adjectives. The vehicle itself is quite rightly a very significant part of it all. So shipping your own European motorhome to this ‘other world’ can be part of your security and give you the option of starting out with … Read More

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