Icefields Parkway, Waterfalls, Glaciers and Mountains

That’s a big title – one that I probably wont adequately fulfil – but there is a road from a place called Jasper to a place called Banff called the Highway 93 – luckily some bright spark re-named it the Icefields Parkway and that is much easier to write about. So Jasper and Banff are Canadian national parks – Banff … Read More

Lake Louise to Kelowna

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  Lake Louise Campground, this morning: we woke to the whispering patter of snow falling onto Hanna’s roof. The already-snowy landscape took on another level of quiet as the campground’s few tire tracks and foot prints were filled in by the night’s snowfall.  We turned on the heater and lay in bed until the van heated up.  It was -5C … Read More

We’re off! We’re off! Driving across Canada

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So, we have finally set off from Novia Scotia after 6 weeks delay.  Hanna still has issues but she works well enough if we drive her carefully.  We are THRILLED to be on the move!   It’s fun and exciting to be seeing new places everyday, and to be really living the travel adventure we dreamed of. We had our first … Read More

Our Top 5 Vegetarian & Vegan Food Discoveries in Halifax and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

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Back in Bristol we generally eat a super-healthy diet.  Over the years we’ve managed to find the best organic and local foods possible for our area.  We are really quite spoiled for choice when it comes to health food shops in Bristol. I have to admit I’ve been a bit concerned about how easy it will be to find the … Read More

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