Striking Teachers - Mexico

Mexican Teachers Strike and Blockades at the Border With Guatemala

A quick note to anyone reading that tomorrow we are heading off early from San Cristobal de las Casas to attempt to reach the border with Guatemala. This has until the last few days been impossible due to the Mexican teacher’s strike and blockades of highways and border crossings. We believe that it is safe to try but until we get to each of the previously reported blockade sites we won’t know if we can get through.

So from here we hit the 190 to Comitan, at the entrance to Comitan (which is a big city) we have been told that we can drive around the blockade. Then from there it is about the same distance again to Ciudad Cuauhtémoc which is reported to have had a blockade. From there it is 4kms to the border and then the shenanigans crossing the border out of Mexico, through no-man’s land and then in to Guatemalan customs and entry requirements.

Without the blockades I always get nervous before crossing borders, so many possibilities and unknowns. But with there being 2 potential blockades on the way to the border, well lets just say that sleep wasn’t that forthcoming last night.

So tomorrow morning we are off and what happens happens. We have been assured that blockades or not there is no hint of trouble or heightened tensions.

We will check in once we are settled and let you know how it went – our tracking app will update too, when we have internet of some sort.

Speak to you from Guatemala then,

Mark and Sas x x x

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    Good luck

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