Next Steps

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Now it’s time to start making Hanna look like a ‘Mark and Sas’ home 🙂   We’ve got a week in June and a week in July booked off to sort her out in Devon, ready for her first proper outing as our Wedding Suite at the beginning of August 🙂


Mark will be using his carpentry skills to turn the back bed area into a lounge/bedroom, putting in extra shelves, sorting out the power and leisure batteries, getting an extra fuel tank added (for those huge distances we’ll be covering in the bigger countries), redoing and insulating the dashboard so the engine noise doesn’t deafen us, putting extra locks on everything to hinder burglars etc.etc.


And I’ll be using my ex-fashion designer skills to do the pretties 🙂


The fixed bed at the back, soon to be bed/sitting room 🙂

Time to get planning!

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