Mark’s Top 10 Adventures

Mark diving in Belize
Mark diving in Belize

Dive holiday of top 5 dive destinations in the world.

Learn to tango.

Buy a bus and drive it from Canada to Antarctica.

Go to Burning Man.

Fly a jet.

Fly a helicopter.

Live in the jungle off the beach in Costa Rica for 6 months.

Travel around Indonesia for 3 months.

Go in a submarine.

Sas’ Top 10 Adventures

Sas in India
Sas in India

Travel around India for 3 months.

Build our home in the country.

See whales.

Do an aerial show (trapeze, corde lisse)

Live in Argentina for 6 months.

Go to Micronesia.

Drive a campervan around Europe.

Go on a 5 star holiday to see the Northern Lights.

Rent a villa in Italy for 2 months over the summer.

Learn to play the piano.