2000 miles in 8 days! Leaving Baja for Tulum

We had a few last days of Baja calm in the city of La Paz before crossing the Sea of Cortez to the mainland, on a cargo ship (Hanna’s second, our first 🙂 ).  We were off to meet the siblings in Tulum, on the Yucatan Peninsula, for a couple of weeks of more traditional holiday-type action.   Mark is … Read More

Ferry Crossing From La Paz, Baja to Mazatlan, Mexico

Backtracking slightly, a little information for anyone crossing from La Paz in Baja to Mazatlan or vice versa. La Paz is a great coastal town near the bottom of Baja, Mexico which we stayed in for a few days whilst trying to sort out the best (and cheapest) way to cross over to the mainland of Mexico. The Malecon is … Read More

The Best Place to See Grey Whales in Baja California, Mexico

After a load of research we decided that San Ignacio Lagoon was going to be the best place to see the famous grey whales of Baja.  Each year thousands of these jolie-laide creatures come to the sea lagoons of Baja California Sur to breed. The jumping off point for the lagoon is the oasis Mission town of San Ignacio (more … Read More

We have arrived! Coyote Beach – a desert paradise found.

We’d heard that Coyote Beach was the best beach to stop at on the Bahia Concepcion. We arrived and, once we settled in, realised it was the first time we’d found what we were looking for on this trip. We’ve seen so many awe-inspiring and beautiful places along the way, but Coyote Beach was our first bit of paradise. We … Read More

Safe Drinking Water, San Ignacio & Mulege in Baja California Sur

So it’s been ages since our last post! For those of you who were wondering, we are still alive and well :). Since we last posted we’ve crossed through Mexico, so I’m going to do a few photo-heavy posts to catch you up to where we are at present, in Merida, Yucatan. Here we go… We had some gorgeous times … Read More

Camping at Mulege, Baja – Heurta Don Chanos

When we all travel or go on holiday, to a lesser or greater extent, there is always research, either before we leave or when we arrive or whilst travelling to new places; it’s inevitable. In these days of internet, social media and even newspaper travel supplements it is often a case of information overoad and ending up at a place … Read More

Baha Bugs and Desert Fun

There are many many ways to ‘get off the beaten track’ from taking an unsignposted road or track, to a random conversation with a fellow traveller which leads to an unexpected turn of direction (metaphorically or physically, or both). The route to Bahia de los Angeles itself was fairly unplanned. Recommended by many along the way from Ensenada south but … Read More