We Are Safely In Guatemala

Supplemental update – We made it in to Guatemala today at 3.30pm local time. The blockades were there but it was more of a slalom course at one and 10 peso fee at the other. Great drive down from 2500m back to jungle, heat and sun. Beautiful views of the Guatemalan mountains in the distance. Hanna no longer has a … Read More

Mexican Teachers Strike and Blockades at the Border With Guatemala

A quick note to anyone reading that tomorrow we are heading off early from San Cristobal de las Casas to attempt to reach the border with Guatemala. This has until the last few days been impossible due to the Mexican teacher’s strike and blockades of highways and border crossings. We believe that it is safe to try but until we … Read More

2000 miles in 8 days! Leaving Baja for Tulum

We had a few last days of Baja calm in the city of La Paz before crossing the Sea of Cortez to the mainland, on a cargo ship (Hanna’s second, our first 🙂 ).  We were off to meet the siblings in Tulum, on the Yucatan Peninsula, for a couple of weeks of more traditional holiday-type action.   Mark is … Read More

Tecate: Our U.S.A. to Mexico Border Crossing

The route we’re in the process of taking through Mexico is from Tecate, down the Baja California peninsula to La Paz, then from La Paz across the Sea of Cortez by ferry to Mazatlan, after which we’ll be zipping a mere 2,600 kilometres across the mainland of Mexico to the Yucatan peninsula. My sister Nic and my brother Ben and … Read More