From Merida, Yucatan to Frontera Corozal, Chiapas

It’s 7.30am, the sun is just climbing above the trees and its a refreshing 19 degrees (centigrade). Between visiting some great locations and having little or no internet it has, once again been a while since we posted so a little catch up is in order.   We stayed in Merida, Yucatan for a month to take advantage of access … Read More

The Incredible Ruins at Palenque

There isn’t much I can write about the site at Palenque that hasn’t been written many, many times before and written by more knowledgeable authors than this one. But it is a site that has a special place in my heart. I first came across references to the archaelogical information on this site in the late 90s when I read … Read More

Uxmal Ruins – Yucatan Peninsula Mexico

We headed here after we left Merida, I think in need of some non-city culture. The ioverlander app had told us that we could camp at the ruins in a field so as an antithesis to city life we felt it was a good next move. The sudden driving/travelling after so long stationary was a bit of a shock but … Read More

Izamal, Yucatan, Mexico – a Lovely Surprise

Sometimes on this trip it seems that arriving in a new place can be a little bit … well dare I say it … samey. I know we are on a trip of a lifetime and everything should be sparkly and new but there are days and places that just fail to inspire for whatever reason. After we left Tulum … Read More