The Incredible Ruins at Palenque

There isn’t much I can write about the site at Palenque that hasn’t been written many, many times before and written by more knowledgeable authors than this one. But it is a site that has a special place in my heart. I first came across references to the archaelogical information on this site in the late 90s when I read … Read More

Uxmal Ruins – Yucatan Peninsula Mexico

We headed here after we left Merida, I think in need of some non-city culture. The ioverlander app had told us that we could camp at the ruins in a field so as an antithesis to city life we felt it was a good next move. The sudden driving/travelling after so long stationary was a bit of a shock but … Read More

Merida, Yucatan – Swapping Hanna for an Airbnb Experience

Somewhere between leaving Tulum and Izamal we had a bit of a crisis of the type ‘what are we doing and is this actually fun?’. Whether it was the having left family and reminders of home in Tulum or the inevitable relationship and personal lows that happen to everyone, travelling or not; something shifted and we were suddenly not happy … Read More

Izamal, Yucatan, Mexico – a Lovely Surprise

Sometimes on this trip it seems that arriving in a new place can be a little bit … well dare I say it … samey. I know we are on a trip of a lifetime and everything should be sparkly and new but there are days and places that just fail to inspire for whatever reason. After we left Tulum … Read More

2000 miles in 8 days! Leaving Baja for Tulum

We had a few last days of Baja calm in the city of La Paz before crossing the Sea of Cortez to the mainland, on a cargo ship (Hanna’s second, our first 🙂 ).  We were off to meet the siblings in Tulum, on the Yucatan Peninsula, for a couple of weeks of more traditional holiday-type action.   Mark is … Read More

We have arrived! Coyote Beach – a desert paradise found.

We’d heard that Coyote Beach was the best beach to stop at on the Bahia Concepcion. We arrived and, once we settled in, realised it was the first time we’d found what we were looking for on this trip. We’ve seen so many awe-inspiring and beautiful places along the way, but Coyote Beach was our first bit of paradise. We … Read More

Safe Drinking Water, San Ignacio & Mulege in Baja California Sur

So it’s been ages since our last post! For those of you who were wondering, we are still alive and well :). Since we last posted we’ve crossed through Mexico, so I’m going to do a few photo-heavy posts to catch you up to where we are at present, in Merida, Yucatan. Here we go… We had some gorgeous times … Read More

Photos of Nova Scotia, So Far – The Glitter!

Despite the mechanical issues, we have managed to see some gorgeous places (and lots of industrial parks!). Two weekends, when the garage was closed, we headed off for short jaunts along the coast for a few days. Plus we had one majorly false start – “Woohoo, we’re finally off!” we thought. Oh, how wrong we were. Cue massive gearbox leak … Read More