We have arrived! Coyote Beach – a desert paradise found.

We’d heard that Coyote Beach was the best beach to stop at on the Bahia Concepcion. We arrived and, once we settled in, realised it was the first time we’d found what we were looking for on this trip. We’ve seen so many awe-inspiring and beautiful places along the way, but Coyote Beach was our first bit of paradise. We … Read More

Safe Drinking Water, San Ignacio & Mulege in Baja California Sur

So it’s been ages since our last post! For those of you who were wondering, we are still alive and well :). Since we last posted we’ve crossed through Mexico, so I’m going to do a few photo-heavy posts to catch you up to where we are at present, in Merida, Yucatan. Here we go… We had some gorgeous times … Read More

Where to Eat and Food Shop in Ensenada

Mexican food! What’s not to love? All those fresh flavours, hearty textures and, at least here in Baja, an abundance of weird and wonderful fish and seafood. On our first night we stopped off for supper in a hole-in-the-wall ‘restaurant’ frequented only by locals – a long narrow room with a low worktop, kitchen on one side and punters on … Read More

Deserts, Mountains and Canyons, Southern USA Style

Time seems to be flying by and so here’s an update on some of the amazing stuff we’ve seen and done since San Francisco.  I can’t believe it’s only been just over 3 weeks since we left, and how much we’ve seen in that time. After San Fran we drove down the coast before heading east to Death Valley.  We hung out … Read More