Tziscao Lago - Chiapas

Silence and Lakeside Camping – Tziscao, Chiapas, Mexico

So for the last 2 days we have been higher above sea level than we have been for a long time. The difference is amazing; we are now in forest as opposed to jungle, the temperature at night is a relaxing 15C and daytime up to around 25C.

The community run lakes at Tziscao, Chiapas are extremely quiet and beautiful. The whole village and ‘ecotourist’ area (still not sure just how much eco is in the tourist facilities though – but there is enough care here to believe in this particular area’s claim) are friendly and easy to be in and around.

We are leaving here in an hour or so to head on to Comitan and then to San Cristobel to confront the leaking auto-transmission box … but for now this place is a definite idyll.

The facilities are clean, hot showers, good restaurant with cheapish prices (Modello is 20 pesos a can – and refreshingly cold) and camping is 50 peso per night per person.

Tziscao Lago -  Chiapas
Tziscao Lago – Chiapas


Tziscao, Chiapas - Cabanas and Restaurant
Tziscao, Chiapas – Cabanas and Restaurant


Tziscao, Chiapas - Hanna's Peaceful View
Tziscao, Chiapas – Hanna’s Peaceful View


A great place to come and relax and re-centre, mor soon from San Cristobel. x

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  1. Nicola Renovich
    | Reply

    wow looks stunning! xxx

  2. M & D
    | Reply

    What a lovely outlook glad you are ok sleeping now. safe journey lots of love

    • Mark
      | Reply

      Hi Mum and Dad
      It was a very peaceful and easy place to be – we stayed longer than anticipated because of it. We have now been in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas for over 2 weeks fixing the automatic gearbox. Probably be here for another 2 weeks I think. It is a great town and 2500m above sea level so its like the best of a UK summer every day (apart from the tropical rain most afternoons for an hour) lots of love from us both x x x

  3. John S
    | Reply

    So – I’m trying to plan a trip that includes three nights at Tziscao eco cabanas in August. How busy was it there? I ask, because they want a “bank transfer” to reserve a cabana. I’m thinking that if I just drop in, they will have a place to stay – no? I’m guessing a high probability that we will be the only guests there?

    Any insights would be very welcome.


    • Mark
      | Reply

      Hi John – what a great place to be going to. We were there in May so out of season for both the Euro tourist and the Mexican tourist. We are now in San Cristobal de las Casas and have been for 5 weeks; meeting some local business owners we have been told that July and August are the peak Mexican tourist months … so it doesn’t strike me as odd that they have asked for a bank transfer (it’s going to be very busy – probably) – if you are totally set on staying in one particular place.
      If however you are flexible and being right on the lake is less important then maybe it is okay to pitch up and see what’s available.
      When we were there it was pretty empty and camping was a matter of choosing the best place to park for the view!
      If the payment seems a little risky maybe paying via credit card so that you have the credit card insurance protection would help if it all goes south. But over the 5 months in Mexico we have found the Mexicans to be helpful, happy and honest … so trust your intuition I’d say.
      Thanks for checking out our blog – if we can answer any other questions please let us know,
      Mark and Saskia x

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