The Reality of Making a Dream Happen

Wishing. Wanting. Hoping. Dreaming.  I’ve been practicing these ever since I was a kid. Daydreaming is fun. It’s part of my makeup. It brings me hope and excitement on cold rainy days.

On the other hand, making dreams happen (especially on a budget) is bloody hard work!  Every time we attempt it, I seem to handily forget this point. This time is no excetion to the rule.  if I had a pound for ever time someone told me how I excited I must be, during the long hard slog to get gone, I’d be a richer woman. I wasn’t excited. I was exhausted from juggling work, wedding planning and complicated travel logistics and research. I was scared about leaving life as I knew it. I was wondering if we were doing the right thing, leaving our friends and family and a comfortable (if slightly boring) suburban life in Bristol. I couldn’t help myself thinking about the potential dangers of being foreigners travelling through unknown lands. We talked about what we’d do if we got burgled, held up, mugged, bribed by police. The reality of making a dream like this happen is full of grit as well as glitter, and in the months leading up to our departure and the first few weeks of being here it has been mostly grit.

Now we are dealing with one mechanical issue after another, so we’ve got grit and glitter going on. The glitter is meeting lovely people, managing to get away along the coast at weekends and discovering the abundance of delicious and healthy food options that Halifax and Dartmouth have to offer. Our week days may be spent at the garage or waiting for the garage to be done with Hanna so we can take our bed on wheels away for the night, but at least we don’t have to think about working too.

Our savings are dwindling at an alarming rate, pouring into Hanna and into moral support activities for ourselves. We’ve spent over 2 months worth of our budget in 3 weeks. We may have brand new mud and snow tyres, but the dream of not having to work for 6 months is shrinking.

I’m sure many people won’t have much sympathy for us right now, but this wasn’t quite the dream. As is often the case with making dreams happen, they turn into something else infinitely more creative and unknown. We will now be in Nova Scotia for the Autumn colours and crossing the Rockies in the snow, hopefully with a far more sound vehicle that’s up to the huge distances we’ll be travelling.

New tyres
New snow and mud tyres

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