We Are Safely In Guatemala

Supplemental update – We made it in to Guatemala today at 3.30pm local time.

The blockades were there but it was more of a slalom course at one and 10 peso fee at the other. Great drive down from 2500m back to jungle, heat and sun. Beautiful views of the Guatemalan mountains in the distance.

Hanna no longer has a leaking gearbox – I can’t tell you how chuffed I am with that. She accelerates up minor gradients, a previously unheard of type of behaviour.

Great to be moving again.

The one moment was in between Mexico and Guatemalan borders Hanna failed to start – right in no man’s land on an up-hill incline with us blocking the way through to customs. We had to roll backwards and then be pushed over the massive tope to glide ‘gracefully’ in to restricted parking outside Mexican Aduana. You just gotta larf ain’t you?

So we did all the paperwork first, let her cool down, then with half the world watching and all digits crossed – she thankfully started and we passed through in to the beautiful mountains and jungle of Guatemala.

More soon, just wanted to update.

Mark and Sas x

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  1. sam
    | Reply

    Great to hear you made i! I cannot tell you how much I am jealous of your trip as I sit in grey cold Brighton! I show my children your blog and they are very interested……not sure we will manage to do similar but at least we are off to france in a few weeks! I must add that having had our old J reg s550 for a few years we are familiar with “interesting “issues presenting themselves, mainly gear linkage or overheating on steep inclines! All adds to the fun! Looks beautiful.Good luck.

    • Mark
      | Reply

      Hi Sam – In the end (how often is this true) the actual was sooo much less than the imagined! I hope I have responded before you set off for your trip to france – I am sure it will be as wonderful as you want it to be, we love France too. I love the fact that your kids are interested in what and where we are – start them young in their expanded world view eh? Sounds like we have similar vehicle issues – gearbox and over-heating on inclines; although now that the earth strap fault has been found and the whole cooling system has been replaced ours does now top out at the 10.30 position instead of rising to close to 11.30 which was always scary.
      You are correct though – It does all add to the fun.
      Regards Mark and Saskia x

  2. Dad
    | Reply

    Congrats on fixing the leak.
    I guess the old girl didn’t want you getting to complacent and carefully picked her moment to make her point.


    • Mark
      | Reply

      Hi Simon, sorry so long to reply. She most certainly did pick her moment. The lovely thing was that although we were stuck between two countries no-one hassled us and in fact everyone was even more helpful than perhaps they would otherwise have been. A truly great start to a new country. Lots of love x x x

  3. Jeff
    | Reply

    Have you stopped? It’s now March 2017.

    I’m confused about Insurance and Canada. On one entry you said you had to ship to a US port not a Canadian port because of your insurance – but you shipped to Halifax?

    • Mark
      | Reply

      HI Jeff
      Thanks for reading and commenting.
      So firstly – No we haven’t stopped – we just haven’t found the headspace and time to keep the blog up to date … we are working on this situation 🙂
      We are now in Nicaragua and tomorrow cross to Costa Rica.
      As to your questions … the situation for us was compounded by the multiplication of the age of our vehicle and the port of entry to North America (USA and Canada). IF our vehicle had been under 19 years old we could have shipped to any Canadian port or USA port and had a selection of insurance companies prepared to insure us – No problem.
      BUT because Hanna was 23 years old she was neither a ‘new’ vehicle or a ‘classic’ (older than 25 years) so we had very very very limited insurance companies offering to insure us.
      SO … in that insurance searching process we came across an insurance company (possibly even two if I remember correctly) that WOULD have insured us IF we had shipped to New York but WOULDNT insure us at all if we landed in Halifax but Hanna was already heading for Halifax by the time we found this out – it was a very complicated time!!
      In the end we only found one insurer that would allow us to ship to Halifax with a 23 year old motorhome and that was the insurance company we went with.
      I hope that this helps clarify the situation for you.
      Once again thanks for stopping by and we are trying really hard to catch up the blog – we have some incredible photos and great stories … we just need to get them posted.
      Mark and Saskia

  4. Thijs & Rieneke Leenders
    | Reply

    Hi Mark & Saskia,
    We hope you and Hanna are doing fine , where ever you you are. We are traveling with a sprinter camper and got stuck in Guatemala City at Jurgens place (Automotriz Europea) We had the crankshaft bearings go bad a couple hours south of Guatemala City and got a tow to Jurgen. Now the whole engine is being reworked and hopefully fixed.
    In the mean time we are resting at Lago Atitlan at Pierre’s of Pasaj cap while I will drive back to Guatemala City to see the progress.
    My question is: what can you tell me about the job Jurgen and his people did? I realize that they are slow and take a lot of time.

    Thanks Thijs

  5. Jamie
    | Reply


    How are you guys doing. Are you still travelling through central America. Did you make it across the Darian? Hope you are ok. Would love to hear another blog post or how / where you are!

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