Sunset in Palolem, Goa, India
Sunset over Palolem, Goa, India

We’ve both done a lot of travelling over the years but, before this, the longest we’d been away from home in the UK was 3 months, spent in India. It was glorious to be away from everyday worries and mundanities. At home we have a tendency towards control freakishness; a tendancy to overwork, plan everything and under-do the fun. When we’re on holiday in foreign climes something happens to us both – a deep relaxation and the development of a totally-absent-at-home laissez faire attitude. We start trusting our instincts and opening ourselves up to the Universal Plan. On holiday (usually after a bit of arguing to diffuse tension) we’re more spontaneous. We laugh more. Life feels good. Really good.

At home we are always dreaming and scheming about the next big life adventure. A few happen, most of them don’t. So, sometime in 2013, we played a game. This is how it went:

Step 1: Each write down the top 10 life adventures you’d like to have before you die.
Step 2: Swap lists and grade each others list, where 0 = totally not interested in doing that with you, and 10 = I’m totally in! When do we start?
Step 3: Write a list of the top 6 highest scores.
Step 4: Both of you score these out of 10.
Step 5: Start planning how to make the top 1 – 3 things on that list actually happen!

(If you’re curious about our list of top tens click here)

Crunch Point #1 – We realised that we could actually do lots of both our bucket lists if we did Mark’s ‘Drive the Panamerican Highway’

Crunch Point #2 – Sas is a country girl at heart, and she’d always found living in Bristol hard. After 7 years it was time to move to the coutryside (which Mark didn’t feel ready for). Or to do something else radical!

Result = Let’s spend two years zigzagging across the Americas in a campervan. Oh, and let’s get married just before we go!

Sas’ Top 10 Things She’s Hoping to Experience on the Two Year Honeymoon

Learning to be in the moment
Deeper love, connection, acceptance and understanding with Mark
Slowing down
Acceptance of what is
Gorgeous, open-hearted people


Mark’s Top 10 Things He’s Hoping to Experience on the Two Year Honeymoon

Coming soon 🙂